...well I did!

I hate Mother's Day !! ... well I did! . For years I hated Mother's Day and was forced to hate it from those who told me I was wrong for having my children. The bad part is these same people would have dammed me to hell for not keeping them. But I did! It took me to look at my children and be happy that God chose me to nurture and protect such wonderful creatures that He created. My children have different fathers ( yes all 5). Someone once asked me if I could do life over what would I change... the first thing I said was nothing. I love my children to death, but in order to have this specific set I would have had to be with those specific men ! It's not something I am proud of and people did not make it any better. So for all of you single moms out there who have had children unconventionally... do a couple things for me ... First ask God forgiveness, forgive yourself and then every Mother's Day love on those kids! God has chosen you to look after them. It took me a while but I can proudly say I am the proud mother of 5 beautiful children and I love being a mother and I Love Mother's Day. 

  • All images taken by BlaqPearl Photography except of Tajadeen.