I said yes to a new career. Going where I had never gone before. Learning what it seems like elementary steps to this new thing.  I said yes to allowing my children to grow up .. knowing that I have done all I could with what I had, Giving them the tools to make their own mark on the world.

I said yes to giving God my total attention. While He remolds what’s left of the life I have managed to screw up. I said yes to helping others see their potential that so many others have done for me pushing until I pushed back … like they taught me how to.

I said yes to stepping out of the box that my family, church, society and myself said that I should be in. The box that said my past, my skin color and my gender determines what I should wear, how much I should make, where I can live and how I should worship.  

I said yes to letting my husband love me again. This hasn’t always been easy because of the restriction (that darn box again) I put on me. 

I said yes to the woman in the mirror. The church girl who goes by her own rules.  

With all the curves and now grey hairs that are too many to be blamed on my kids. 

I simply said yes to ME!!

All Photos of ME taken by ME !!!