THe Key is Patience

Have you ever had that conversation with your kids about what to do and not to do in the presence of strangers and as soon as you are with strangers it seems all the rules go out the window. That normally happens at photo sessions with kids. They see this stranger with , what looks like the toy you just bought them, and it goes one of 2 ways. They are very interested in the toy or they all of a sudden get a bashful disposition. Your outgoing child begins to shy away or your introvert all of a sudden has a million questions ... you've never seen this before!!!

Believe it or not, the most successful shoots are often the ones that let the kids lead. It’s a magical, spirited time and there’s so much to take in. By sitting back and capturing those honest moments you’ll ensure a stunning shoot you’ll love for decades.

At first I was really terrified of photographing children. Not because my kids were all grown ... ok yes, it's because my kids were all grown and I was intimidated by anyone under 3 feet tall. But, the more I started to do and realize that they going to be kids ... so let them be kids ... and just shoot them being kids. It became so much easier. Lifestyle photography is the perfect approach for capturing the beauty and authenticity of childhood.

l still get those who are just not going to look at the camera, those you have to get creative with. Props like toys, books, small noise makers are great to keep around so that I can keep them engaged. Some tips I can offer are... make sure your little ones are well rested, make sure they’re comfortable and confident in both their clothes and their surroundings, and make sure you come armed with patience—then let the magic happen. A favorite snack, toy or book doesn’t hurt either!