We Begin....

We begin this year without any slogans, fan fare and large celebrations. 2021 came in quite quietly in most places for fear of what it may hold on to from the previous year. 2020 plagued us with death, anger, turmoil, fear, confusion, uncertainty. We went in saying "2020 is our Year for Vision" now it's "Hindsight is 2020" !!! so... we begin 2021 with nothing ..... peaking around the corner to see what will happen not first but next.

2020 for me was pretty good. Yes, it was riddled with the fear here and there. But I have a belief system that is out of this world. But I look forward to 2021. I am beginning this year on a positive but realistic note. Yes, I want to loose weight, yes, I want to save money. But I have learned that being realistic in setting goals (not resolutions) are best.

So, as I begin this year I will set a couple goals, not too many I have learned that I overwhelm easy. The first goal is to take better care of me. My health became an issue mid-way through 2019. I was ok the first half of 2020 but then I put on weight mid year which means my pressure went up and then the changing of meds by the doctors ( 4 changes in 1 year). The second is to perfect my craft. This is a tricky one, because it's not just about picking up a camera and shooting everyday. It's in customer service, planning and admin work. Whether it is to find a person or find outside resources to make my job/career easier. I also have a goal to read more. I already picked my first 3 books (which is normally my issue). There you go ... my short list. Have you made a list of goals for 2021 what are they ? Can we help you to stay accountable? You can definitely help me.