The story of a photographer

Have you ever seen a movie, heard a song, read a book when you were younger and now as an adult you see, hear and experience those things all over. You have a different appreciation for those things and now as an adult they have a totally different meaning. That is what Photography has done for me. It has shown me that although nothing is perfect we get to see the imperfections as perfect, and appreciate it for what/who it is at that time.


Brianna & LJ

“Teqoa and her husband Dre were the perfect pair to capture all our special moments on our big day. I enjoyed looking through our photo gallery and seeing the emotions captured on film, these two did not miss a beat. They were fun to work with and the concepts they came up with to capture the details were amazing. these two are perfectionist in every way and went above and beyond what I expected.”

01 / 06